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The dreamworld made visible in spiritual and shamanic drawings. Inviting you to dream along.

  • Shamanism

    After a period of feeling lost, homesick and experiencing an aching longing to fall into place, I stumbled upon Shamanism and every cell in my body reacted, and started waking up. Read more...

  • Forest

    We landed in Schoorl, a forest filled area, on the North Sea coast in Noord-Holland, after we travelled and sold our house near Amsterdam. The longing to live closer to nature, preferably IN the forest, made us change things around. Read more...

  • Spirituality

    When we look at the girl in the earth drawings, we see that she resembles a pure form of being, messy braids from playing, contemplating, feeling, connecting. Read more...

The Vision Quest | Print 24x17

The Vision Quest, single print, hand-drawn
Inspiring taking time to be alone, submerging into the depths of our own, deep wisdom. Welcoming all that is and surrendering to any outcome.
Printed on 'Vibers Elephants Grass' paper, 100% sustainable, beautiful, sturdy, grainy, textured paper, containing 20% elephants grass
17 x 24 cm


Shamanic Journey | Poster 29,7x42cm (A3)

A dreamtime journey of zooming out and coasting between the worlds. The earth underneath has some surprises in the details (apparently she sees us too).
Ink on paper, hand drawn
Size: 29,7x42 cm, A3Printed on a beautiful, sturdy paper with a warm off-white color containing natural stains and spots, made of 80% recycled, 20% environment friendly wood.

  • We use recycled & sustainable paper

    Our work is printed in such a way that it leaves as small a footprint as possible. It's printed on sustainable ,(to 100%) recycled and FSC®-certified paper.

  • We ship without track and trace

    Most of our prints fit through the mailbox, and in that case we don't use track & trace, so that we can be sure the postal order company only has to show up on your doorstep once, possibly saving a few polluting trips.

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